What time can I make an appointment?

You can arrange for an appointment between the hours of 10am and 6.30pm. We are open Monday to Saturday.

Are you open during public and religious holidays?

In order to provide a service for our clients who are working, we can arrange appointments during public holidays. However, we are closed during religious holidays.

If I arrive early for my appointment, can I browse the design collection?

We kindly request that our clients arrive promptly at their pre-arranged appointment time as our aim is to give each bride a special and personal service. We do not wish to have other brides disturbed while they are trying on gowns, or to keep anyone waiting unnecessarily.

Can I bring family and friends with me to my appointment?

We recommend that brides limit their accompanying friends or family members to 2, as a large number of people causes overcrowding in the showroom and makes choosing a design difficult and time consuming.

Do you have ready-to-wear designs for me to try on when I visit?

Every season a special ready-to-wear Gözde Karadana bridal and evening sample collection is prepared in our atelier. This collection is available for brides to view and try on when they arrive for their first appointment.

Do you sell ready-to-wear?

Our clients can chose a design from our ready-to-wear sample collection. The gown will then either be altered or sewn as an individual custom gown.

What sizes do you stock for clients to try when they come for their appointment?

Most of our ready-to-wear collection is prepared in European sizes 36-38, but we are happy to provide customised smaller or larger sizes of our designs. These requirements can be discussed during your appointment to find the perfect fit for your bridal wear.

How long will my appointment session be?

Our appointment sessions last on average 50 minutes and consist of a personal consultation to find the perfect design for your style and body type, and a chance to view and try on designs from the ready-to-wear collection.

Can I bring my own shoes?

We are happy for our clients to bring their own shoes, but note that we also have shoes available in sizes 36 to 40.

What underwear should I wear when I come for my appointment?

We recommend that our clients wear flesh coloured underwear. It is not necessary to wear or bring a special brassiere or corset, since our collection is designed with built-in support and corsetry.

Can I take photographs of the gowns?

Unfortunately, in order to protect the exclusivity of the Gözde Karadana collection we do not permit photographs during appointments.

Is it possible to make adaptations to the designs?

In consultation with Gözde Karadana, adaptations can be made to the fit and embellishments of gowns to compliment every bride’s taste and body type.

Can you prepare a unique customised design just for me?

Absolutely. During the first consultation with Gözde Karadana a design concept can be prepared specially for you to compliment your character, figure, fashion style and bridal dreams.

How can I make payments?

We accept payments in cash, 50% on placement of the order and 50% on completion. We also accept EFT bank transfers.

Can you make me a wedding gown if I bring a photograph to show you?

Unfortunately not, since we believe producing copies of other designer’s gowns is incompatible with design ethics, just as we do not like other designers to copy our designs.

When should I give my order?

Ideally, we recommend that orders are placed 6 months before the required date. For orders placed 1.5 months before the required date we levy an extra 25% “express rate” charge.

When do you measure me for the gown?

We will take your measurements at the time you agree on the design and pay your 50% deposit. If you prefer to wait because you are indisposed, we will take your measurements within one week.

Where will my gown be made?

Your gown will be made by our expert seamstresses in Gözde Karadana’s own atelier which is attached to the showroom.

How many times must I come for fittings?

After the initial measurements are taken, 2 more fittings and then a final fitting on completion is usual.

What will be the intervals between these fittings?

This depends on your wedding date, but generally fittings are once a month. Fittings last a maximum of 30 minutes and are arranged beforehand on working days Monday to Saturday, preferably before 11am.

What should I be careful about when I come for fittings?

In order not to stain their gown, we particularly request that brides do not wear foundation or lipstick when they come for fittings. If you have bloating due to it being the wrong time of the month, you may telephone us and rearrange the day of your fitting.

Should I bring anything to my fitting?

When you come to the 2nd fitting you should bring with you the shoes you plan to wear on the day. You can also bring a headdress, hair accessories or any other accessories you are thinking of using so as to see their effect.

What shoes should I choose?

Bearing in mind the height of the groom and your comfort on the day, Gözde Karadana can provide advice on the type of shoe and height of heels to compliment your figure and gown. We recommend wearing a plain shoe without any embellishments that could catch on the front of your gown.

Towards the end of the evening, I’m thinking of putting on a pair of comfortable trainers.

We aim to help you find a pair of shoes that will be comfortable all evening long. Even if you do decide to change your shoes later in the evening, we do not recommend trainers or totally flat shoes because this will mean that your gown will drag along the ground and could become dirty or damaged.

I plan to lose weight, will this cause problems when fitting my gown?

Please make this clear during your fittings so that we can make changes accordingly.

I live out of town/abroad, can you make my gown without me coming for fittings and then send it to me?

If you use the measurement plan we send you as directed, we will work from that to make your gown and send it by cargo to you. The price of the cargo will be charged extra.

I’m getting married abroad, how will I take my gown on the journey?

Don’t worry! We will package your gown professionally for you to take in your hand baggage.

When will my gown be ready for me?

Under normal circumstances we will have your gown ready 1 week before your wedding date.