Lui-Shi’s story is the tale of a girl who believes she is a mermaid and has a fiancé who is crazy about her. This is the romantic story of a girl whose mental state fluctuates and is sometimes funny, sometimes melancholy.

With its bold and intrepid details, this collection combines the waves of the sea and the glimmer of the moon on the surface of the water.

Our high quality hand-finished gowns are produced in Gozde Karadana’s own atelier using carefully sourced lace and fabrics to provide a contemporary, romantic and glittering collection that will make everyone feel special.

Gozde Karadana also has wedding gowns for self-confident brides who wish to have comfortable and lighter bridal wear that still retain the all-important feminine touches.

The Gozde Karadana collection combines classic with contemporary design concepts to meet the desires and longings of every bride…